Multi Color Glass Beaded Barefoot Sandals

Multi Color Glass Beaded Barefoot Sandals

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Beaded Barefoot Sandals, Foot Jewelry, Footless Sandals, Barefoot Wedding Sandal, Beach Wedding, Yoga sandals

Beautifully handcrafted beaded barefoot sandals ready to ship. These sandals are handcrafted with seed beads, ceramic beads. This is made from stretch cord, making the size a little adjustable.

This pair is a size medium, to fit approximately a size 7. Fits a foot measuring 9 1/2" 

I can make them in other sizes and colors, contact me with your size and color preferences

You can wear these anywhere, sunbathing, belly dancing, yoga, really popular for beach weddings, just lounging around home or every day wear. They are perfect for your next holiday on the beach or just to upgrade your shoe style. They can also be worn in the water for fun at the pool or beach.

They are comfortable to wear and your feet feel free

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