Silverplated Butterknife Bracelet

Silverplated Butterknife Bracelet


Everyone should have a silver butterknife.

This bracelet is handcrafted from antique and vintage silverplated silverware. Unique handcrafted gift, or treat yourself.

Our spoon & fork jewelry is created from genuine pieces of silver plated flatware. These pieces are re-cycled and some are vintage. Some may contain small nicks or scratches . Over time, each piece has acquired its own distinctive character and unique appearance. All of my jewelry are crafted using select antique and vintage silver flatware.

The knife has been cleaned and polished.  Flatware is vintage, bracelet has never been worn,  But these knifes have led a long and useful life, expect a scratch or ding, great for many occasions and a wonderful gift.

This cuff/bangle bracelet measures 7” long and will comfortably fit around a wrist. With an opening of 1”. It is slightly adjustable (squeeze to fit) and the silver retains some memory making it a little springy.

This bracelet is ready to ship and will be shipped in a cotton padded gift box.

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