Make your jewelry dreams come true

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Let's Chat

Describe what you're dreaming about - a beaded necklace for the next music festival, bejeweled barefoot sandals for an upcoming beach wedding, or a custom silverware pendant from a beloved relative's collection - we can do it all in any color or size!

Or send us a picture of jewelry you love and let us put your personal spin on it.

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We will do our best to send you either a picture of a similar piece we've created before or the materials acquired for your approval.

After we've got the go-ahead from you, we'll start working to create something great!

Everything will be custom fit to your size or preference.

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Wear it and Love it

The final creation is sent to you to wear and enjoy!

Recent Custom Orders

Custom Geode Slice Earrings

Custom Geode Slice Earrings


+ How long does the process take?

This process varies based on the request, how long the design process takes, if you are sending me any pieces to incorporate, and how far away you are. But a good timeline to expect is about 4 weeks, with 2-3 days to agree on a piece, 4-5 days for design and material gathering, 2 weeks in production, and 1 week for shipping. If you need your piece completed by a certain date, please let us know right away and we will accommodate as best we can! Never hurts to ask :)

+ How much will my piece cost?

The cost will depend on the intricacy of the piece you are requesting, the size, and the desired materials. The price will likely be slightly more than the items listed on the shopping page, as the custom experience is more time consuming. Some exceptions may apply.

+ When do I pay?

Prior to design and material acquisition, a deposit is required to ensure that the piece is desired. Usually 50% of the quoted cost is required up front, and the last 50% will be paid when the design is approved.