About Elle Country:

Who am I?


I am a free spirit, designing and making jewelry makes my inner spirit shimmer. I strive to create beautiful products without creating waste.  I draw my inspiration from nature and I would like to do my part to to be sure nature survives to inspire future generations.


Why do I make jewelry?

I started making jewelry as a hobby and I grew to love it. I like being able to work from home and be creative in the most unusual ways and hope that they talk to the new owners.


Who do I craft for?

I handcraft jewelry for the free-spirited woman. Our products reflect individuality, love for nature and a sense of adventure. Here you will find turquoise and silver jewelry, a variety of gemstones and genuine leather products. I make handmade boho jewelry crafted with natural, semi-precious stones and raw or antiqued metals. Please browse my full line of rustic, earthy necklaces, and other natural stone jewelry and I'm sure you'll find something that will make your inner spirit shine too.